Churchy Talk: “I’ve Got a Burden”

We’ve all heard it. There is a generic language we here in most places – home, Walmart, work, and on the ball field. Then there’s “Christianese”. It’s a special language only known to those in church culture. It varies from church to church, but much of it is the same across the board. I askedContinue reading “Churchy Talk: “I’ve Got a Burden””

State of the Church: Pre-, Mid-, and Post-COVID-19

This pandemic has caused me to think a lot about the state of the church. I believe much about the church has already been exposed, and much will be revealed when we are on the other side of this. Some of what I will share will be more of a hopeful forecast, but I willContinue reading “State of the Church: Pre-, Mid-, and Post-COVID-19”

What We Should Have Been Doing the Whole Time

It’s amazing how difficulty directs our perspective. Our priorities are so distorted that it takes a very serious virus to make us do what we should have been doing all along. I should probably clarify what I don’t mean by that. We should not have been buying hundreds of dollars in toilet paper all thisContinue reading “What We Should Have Been Doing the Whole Time”

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